Youth - Bridge Church Chepstow
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Relentless X-tra

If you have a young person in year 6 to year 9, we’d love them to join us on Sundays in Relentless Xtra. In this group we want to learn more about Jesus and the bible, support one another in prayer, build friendships and have fun!

We also have Relentless which is our youth club for anyone in year 6 through to year 9. It runs every Friday night during term time and is packed with fast-paced activities based around an age-relevant theme. As year 7 is such a huge transition for kids, Relentless deliberately starts in year 6 as a way to help solidify friendships and get the group thinking about and discussing spiritual and ethical issues they face at school – all in a safe environment.

There is a small charge of 50p to attend and a tuck shop at the end of the evening.

All the leaders of Relentless are committed to helping the young people toward reaching their full potential in life; something that we believe as christians can only be achieved through knowing and trusting in Jesus.

Why not come along and find out why we love Friday evenings so much…?


At Unite (year 10+) we help young people along their journey to becoming young adults who keep Jesus at the centre of all they are. We bridge the gap between a youth group and main church. As well as learning about the Bible, it is a time and space where young people are taught how to live through the many challenges they face that are specific to their age group. We aim to have lots of fun along the way!