Children - Bridge Church Chepstow
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Here at the Bridge Church we have quite a comprehensive provision for children of all ages – since we have so many of them who come along to church.  On a Sunday, part way through the morning service, the majority of the children go across to Unit 2, which is on the other side of the car park   The Tiny torches group for pre-school children go to the side room in the main church building.

Tiny Torches

Tiny torches is our group for pre-school children which takes place in the side room in the main church building. There are lots of bible based arts and craft activities as well as toys that the children can play with.  We can also play the audio of the church service into the room so that the leaders and children can hear a little of what’s happening in the main hall.  The children are normally served squash and a biscuit by the leaders part way through the session. If you want to stay in the room until your children settle them you would be very welcome.

Bridge Kids

Bridge Kids is for children in school years Reception to Year 5.  We have an amazing space in Unit 2 where each Sunday’s session lasts for about an hour and is run by a leader and 2 helpers.  We get to have fun making things, playing silly games, hearing the story from the bible, and learning about how Jesus wants us to live and spend time with our friends.  We love to celebrate birthdays, hear about what everyone has been up to and pray for each other and our families.